Sweet home Chicago

Sawubona! (hello in Zulu)

We all made it back to Chicago on Sunday night and all 6 our kids made it to school the next morning…. back to the real world.  We were all glad to be home but you could not help noticing the sadness in our group that it was over. 

I think I can best describe this amazing experience for us and our kids by saying, “The trip was extremely moving and deeply impactful, but now its our job to make it a life-changing”.  Over the next 4 weeks our kids will continue to digest and apply their learned experiences and figure out how they can keep the spirit and memories alive in our everyday life. 

On July 9th we are hosting a Thank You Party from 10am-111:45am at the Breakthrough Ministry Center (402 N. St. Louis).  Our kids will be presenting their trip experience, sharing pictures and videos, and explaining how they are applying this trip’s lessons to their current life goals.  We will also be giving out special thank you gifts to our sponsors who made this possible and sharing the vision for whats next in Breakthrough Sports.  Please consider coming as this will be a special event that will hopefully cement this experience in the lives of our kids. 

All are invited, but I need you to RSVP with the number of attendees to rfunk@breakthrough.org as soon as possible. 


Rusty and the crew…btw, yes thats a pizza vending machine in the Jo-berg airport! It was amazing!



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  1. Posted by Andrea Jensen on June 8, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    True, they were back to school the next day….but Cheyenne was blowing up my phone begging me to pick her up early b/c she “didn’t feel like being there” 🙂 Back to the “real world”, I guess! 🙂


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