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This is the story of 6 kids from Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood.  This is the story of 6 sets of fears and hesitations.  This is the story of 6 lives forever changed!

While East Garfield Park is one of Chicago’s most under-served and disadvantaged neighborhoods,  ranked at the top of the city for crime and drug use every year,  it is absolutely packed with brilliant and talented young students.  Our youth, however, are often limited by both seen and unseen barriers in their lives that are purely a product of the neighborhood we live in. 

For the past 10 years Breakthrough Urban Ministries has come alongside parents and educators in the community simply saying, “How can we help our kids overcome these obstacles?”  What we have found is that we can help the children in EGP best by providing; bible studies that can nurture their faith, an after school program that can improve their academic skills, and sports leagues that can expand their network and provide safe places in the community. 

These programs are continually helping students overcome some of the barriers before them, and now the Advanced Running Club is tackling the barrier of the “world-view”.  Whether you live in EGP or Barrington, we are all trapped by the walls of our own environment.   We don’t naturally see past our immediate surroundings and put our situation in the context of others…especially others that we are not familiar with. 

This is the story of 6 kids from EGP who are ready to have their world views rocked, and their opportunities in their own community highlighted! This is the story of 6 talented students from an under-served Chicago neighborhood working for their peers across the world who live in an even harder situation.  This is the story of Nick, She-she, Alesha, Tony, Cheyenne, and Ashley!  

We hope you follow their story…


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